I’m Karen Umbehr.

Digital Media Business Strategist

About Me

If you are a Free-Spirited person who has been drawn to have their own business so they can live a life that they LOVE while having tons of Freedom, I get it, ME TOO! 

   I help Solopreneurs & Small Business owners, like you, Structure a plan and put systems into place that will attract, engage and create interaction with customers while increasing revenue streams. This Structure frees you up for what you love to do the most, and allows your business to flourish in the background.

For me, that means having the ability to work from anywhere, having the time to spend with my loved ones (including my horse & my other animals) and have the time & freedom to travel. 

The things I have learned by experiencing the struggles of building a business, allow me to help you keep the love for what you do AND allow your time to be your own. You get the freedom you desire in being a business owner, while your business runs on the structure we put into place.

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Visual Structure for Branding, Marketing

Information and So much More!




Find out how you can create structure with Digital Systems for Automation, Communication & Collaboration



Income Producing

Learn About and Collaborate on ways you can expand your Online Income in ways you may have never thought about.

What I Do.

Digital Strategy based on Structuring your business to Attract & Engage your Ideal Customers. Creating the Systems and Income Streams to bring you the freedom to do what you love.

  • Digital Media Strategy

    Together we will create a plan to Structure your business to reflect who you are, what you offer, your needs and your goals. From Branding to Customer Attraction and Engagement to the possibility of multiple Income streams earned helping your customers

  • Structure

    We all start out wanting a business doing what we have a passion/talent in. Too many times this desire is snuffed out and replaced with a burden of doing many things not in our expertise just to barely get by. Our business, our health and our personal lives pay the toll. By setting up a structure in the beginning (or a new beginning) we can set the foundation for things to run more smoothly. Do not be mistaken, Design & Branding are a big part of this

  • Online Design Image & Presence


  • Income Streams

    It's fact that likelihood of success in business goes up greatly by adding additional income streams. We can develop a plan and set up the structure to earn a freedom from increased revenue.

Customize a Plan 

No two businesses are alike.

Plans are made according to you, your business and your life. They may flex & change over time...

that's the real world. 

Create a business that works for you and your vision

Planning - 85%
Structure - 90%
Graphic Design - 75%
Automation - 65%
Communication - 95%


Clients have had this to say:

“Working with Karen has allowed me to make a dream of mine into a tangible reality. I knew nothing about developing a brand or online presence going in, and I know so much now. Her knowledge is so reassuring and she guides you step-by-step to build a long-term, sustainable business that is not only successful but allows you to have freedom in your life and not need to micromanage every aspect. Truly amazing!”

Steph Wilson

#Steph Wilson Wellness

Karen has been there for every aspect of launching our online business. Branding, Website, Course creation and teaching platform including online testing, payment processing. I could not have done it all without her. I brought my talent and she helped me bring it online to help teach others.

Jo Benoit

Education Tree of Cosmetology

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